Smoked and Cured Selection


A superb selection of our smoked and cured salmon.

For the true smoked salmon connoisseur, a selection of our smoked and cured salmon, including Classic Smoked Salmon 400g, Bradan Orach 200g, Bradan Rost Fillet 500g, Gravadlax 200g, Whisky Marinated 200g and Gin Infused Smoked Salmon 200g.

The perfect way to enjoy the different smokes and flavours from our range.

Ingredients, Allergens, Storage and Nutritional Information.
Please follow the links below for individual product details:

Classic Smoked Salmon
Bradan Orach
Bradan Rost
Whisky Marinated Smoked Salmon
Gin Infused Smoked Salmon

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