Mey Selections Scottish Marmalade with Heather Honey 227g

from Heather Hills Farm.

Award-winning artisan fruit preserve handcrafted with tangy thin-cut Seville oranges,infused with a rich Highland flavour.

Established in 1945, Heather Hills Farm is a traditional family-run honey farm based in the Highlands of Perthshire - the heartland of Scotland. They specialise in a selection of 100% pure, raw, monofloral and polyfloral honeys and handmade preserves.

Mey Selections is an initiative launched by HRH Prince Charles, Duke of Rothesay to foster closer connections between farmers, fine food producers and customers helping to maintain a traditional and balanced way of life in the North Highlands of Scotland.

Serving Notes

This product is ready to consume without cooking.


Sugar, Seville Oranges, Water, Heather Honey, Lemon Juice, Fruit Pectin.
Allergens are identified in CAPITALS.

Prepared with 30g fruit per 100g
Total Sugar content 65g per 100g

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