Mid Argyll & Cowal

Loch Fyne Local Home Delivery

Our Local Home Delivery is available throughout Cowal on Friday each week.
We have an extensive range of hampers, gifts, fresh and smoked fish, fresh oysters, dairy products, flour, pasta, meat, fresh fruit & vegetables, wines, beers, spirits and other essential items.

We also have on offer a bespoke gift hamper service. Simply select the items you would like and our staff will build your hamper for no additional charge. 

Please note that certain fish and meat products may arrive frozen.

How to place your order

Email us at shop@lochfyne.com or call 01499 600484 or 600483 Monday to Wednesday between 09:00 and 16:00.

Due to the unpredictable situation at present, some products may become unavailable at short notice.

We will, wherever possible, substitute with similar items.

Delivery - Routes - Order by 3pm on Thursday for Friday delivery.

Monday to Thursday - No deliveries. Order for Friday delivery up to 3pm Thursday.

Friday - Delivery to Cairndow, St Catherines, Lochgoilhead, Strachur, Ardentinny, Blairmore, Strone, Kilmun, Strathlachlan, Kilfinan, Kames, Tighnabruaich, Glendaruel, Colintraive, Stronafian, Sandbank, Dunoon, Innellan and Toward.

Saturday & Sunday - no deliveries. Lines closed.

A number of our customers are using the What3Words app to help us locate their address. 
If you would like us to use this, please let us know at the time of ordering.


Loch Fyne Smoked & Cured Salmon

Classic Smoked Salmon, Great Taste Awards 2020 2 stars - gently smoked for a mild delicate flavour.
£100g £3.99, 200g £6.99, 400g £12.99, 1kg side £22.49, Trimmings 250g £3.99, Trimmings 1kg £9.99

Kinglas Fillet, Great Taste Awards 2020 2 stars, Winner Scotland Food & Drink Excellence Awards "Product of the Year" - centre cut taken from the crown of a Classic Smoked Salmon fillet.
250g fillet £15.99, 500g fillet £29.99

Bradan Orach, Great Taste Awards 2020 and 2019 1 star - Cured with salt only and smoked for longer.
100g £4.49, 200g £7.99, 400g £13.99, 1kg side £24.99

Bradan Rost, Great Taste Awards 2020 2 stars - Kiln Roasted smoked salmon.
100g £4.49, 200g 7.99, 250g fillet £9.99, 400g £13.99, 500g fillet £22.99, 1kg side £24.99, Trimmings 250g £3.99, Trimmings 1kg £9.99

Makar Gin Infused Smoked Salmon - Cured with sea salt and sugar, gently infused with Makar Gin.
200g £7.99

Whisky Marinated Smoked Salmon - Marinated with Glengoyne single malt whisky.
200g £7.99

Double Cured Beetroot Smoked Salmon - Gently smoked and dressed with beetroot.
200g £7.99

Gravadlax - Marinated in dill, black pepper, sea salt and sugar.
200g £8.49

Mey Selections Traditional Smoked Salmon
200g £7.99

Fish & Meat

Loch Fyne
Lightly Smoked Salmon fillet portions £24.95/kg
Fresh Salmon Fillet / Portions £17.20/kg
Fresh Haddock Fillet £19.95/kg
Smoked Haddock £19.95/kg
Kippers £11.00/kg

Churchill Venison
4 Burgers £4.80
Sausages £11.25/kg
Haunch £19.35/kg

Smoked Mussels 200g £7.80
Fresh Loch Fyne Oysters, Great Taste Awards 2020 1 star, 2019 3 stars 6 / £6.00 or 12 / £10.95
Peeled Prawns 200g £4.85
Fresh Hand Dived King Scallops 100g £3.99

Madeira Herring Marinade 380g £3.95
Rollmop Herring 380g £3.95
Dill Herring Marinade 380g £3.95

Cheese Board 

Old Smokey Cheese 200g £4.25
Garlic Poachers Choice Cheese 200g £4.25
Lairds Mustard Cheese 200g £4.25
Plain Jane Cheese 200g £4.25
Strathdon Blue Cheese £3.45

Oatcakes, Crackers & Savoury Biscuits
Your Piece Oatcakes with Seeds £2.45
Your Piece Oatmeal Oatcakes with Seeds £2.45
Aberfeldy Handmade Oatcakes £2.35
Arran Wooleys Oatcakes £2.20
Stag Biscuits and Oatcakes Great Taste Selection £9.00

Fyne Preserves
Lemon Chutney £3.95
Banana & Date £3.95

Sarah Gray's Cheese Lovers Chutney £2.50

Nibbles & Sweets

Victor James Vanilla Tablet £1.50
Crystals Shortbread Box £6.10
Belgian Dark & White Chocolate Golf Balls £9.35
Milk Chocolate Rugby Balls £6.95
Salted Chocolate Fish £5.25
Available in flavours: Sour Cherry & Double Chocolate, Red Onion Marmalade & Walnut and Spiced Apple & Dark Chocolate.

Wine, Champagne & Spirits 

Joseph Perrier Champagne £45.00
Prosecco £14.60
Monin Cocktail Syrup Set £10.25
Fleur Sauvignon Blanc £8.75
Fleur Chardonnay £8.75
Fleur Merlot £8.75
Cockburns Claret £14.35
Fleur Rose £11.95
Pinkster Raspberry Gin 35cl £25.00
Amarosa Rosehip Rum Liqueur 500ml £27.95
Mey Selections Malt Whisky £100
Mey Selections Gin £40.00
Hills & Harbour Gin 70cl £44.95
Loch Fyne Gin £25.00
Loch Fyne Whisky £32.50
Fyne Ales Highlander £3.50
Fyne Ales Maverick £3.50
Fyne Ales Hurricane Jack £3.50
Fyne Ales Avalanche £3.50
Fyne Ales Vital Spark £3.50
Fyne Ales Jarl £3.50


Slime Line Tonic £0.95
Tonic Water £0.95
Longtail Lemon Sour 500ml £2.95
Longtail Ginger Lime 500ml £2.95
Longtail Blood Orange 500ml £2.95
Longtail Island Spice 500ml £2.95
Spiced Tomato Juice Mix 750ml £5.95


Seedlip Aromatic Non-alcoholic Spirit 700ml £27.95
Seedlip Citrus Non-alcoholic Spirit 700ml £27.95

Essentials - Fruit, Veg, Bread, Dairy, Pasta etc.

Selection of fresh fruit and veg daily ask for what we have in stock.
Winter Full Fresh Fruit & Veg Box £20.00
Winter Half Fresh Fruit & Veg Box £15.00
Winter Fruit Box £10.00
Winter Veg Box £10.00

Example Boxes - please note contents may vary.
Full Box - 2kg potatoes, 1x brocoli, 1x cauliflower, half large cabbage, 3-4 large carrots, 1 large leek, 1-2 white onions, 1-2 red onions, 1 x salad leaves, 1 x cherry tomatoes, 2 x lemons, 3 x apples, 2 pears, 3 x oranges, 3 x bananas, 2 x peppers, 3 x plums, 3 x Kiwifruit.
Half Box - 2kg potatoes, 1x brocoli or cauliflower, 2 large carrots, 1 large leek, 1 white onion, 1 red onion, 1 x salad leaves, 1 x cherry tomatoes, 1 x lemon, 2 x apples, 1 pear, 2 x oranges, 2 x bananas, 1 pepper, 2 plums, 2 Kiwifruit.

Sauces & Condiments
Organic Herb & Tomato Pasta Sauce £3.60
Organic Arrabiata Sauce £3.60
Organic Marinara Sauce £3.60
Scottish Seaweed Pesto (Red Pepper Chilli & Dulse, Basil & Seaweed or Black Kale & Seaweed) £4.95
Summer Harvest Set including 100ml Lemon & Honey, 100ml Chilli & Red Pepper and 100ml Raspberry Dressing £10.95

White Unsliced Loaf 400g £2.00
Rustic 400g £2.00
Malted Slice £2.95
Selkirk Bannock £4.75

Sea Salt Crisps 150g £1.95
Milk 1ltr semi skimmed or whole £1.40
Long Life Cream 10oz £1.75
Granulated Sugar £1.95 per bag
Plain Flour or Self Raising 1.5kg £1.80
Strong Flour £1.40
Local Free Range Eggs x 6 £1.55
Toilet Roll 4 pack £2.50
Slightly Salted Butter 250g £1.65
Breakfast Teas x 20 £1.85
Decaffeinated Tea x 20 £1.95
SPECIAL OFFER 30 English Classic Premium Tea Bags £9.58 NOW £6.25
Swiss Water Decaffeinated Coffee 227g £4.95
Columbian Instant Freeze Dried Coffee £4.85
Mysore Rich Ground Coffee 227g £4.45
Monin Coffee Syrups 5 x 500ml £6.00
Porridge Oats Medium Oatmeal, Pinhead Scotch Oatmeal 1kg £3.10
Heinz Baked Beans 415g £1.00
Tinned Chopped Tomatos 800g £1.95
Chopped Tomatoes 400g £1.10
Sarah Gray's Lemon Curd 120g £2.50
Sarah Gray's Raspberry & Prosecco Jam 120g £2.50
Sarah Gray's Blackcurrant Jam 120g £2.50