Medium Langoustine 1kg tray | Loch Fyne Oysters

Medium Langoustine 1kg tray

Medium Langoustines from the West Coast - PLEASE NOTE THESE ARE DESPATCHED FROZEN AND MAY ARRIVE DEFROSTED. Approx. 17-20 per tray


Langoustine (Nephrops norvegicus) Crustaceans 100%

ALLERGENS are identified in bold type.


Frozen – 6 months, use within 48 hours of defrost.
Defrost overnight in refrigerator or 4 hours in ambient temperature.

Serving Notes:

There can be seasonal variations in the visual appearance of the langoustine during the spawning period.  This occurs during the spring and summer months and is apparent by a darkening at the back of the head where an egg sac develops.  Additionally eggs can be found attached to the belly.  This in no way spoils the eating quality of the shellfish and visually the eggs change colour on cooking to orange.

This product requires cooking before consumption

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