12 Oysters & Wine | Loch Fyne Oysters
Oysters and Wine from Loch Fyne

12 Oysters & Wine

12 Rock Oysters with a with full bottle of Muscadet white wine. PLEASE NOTE AN ADULT SIGNATURE IS REQUIRED ON RECEIPT.


Farmed UK Oysters (molluscs), 100% (Crassostrea gigas)

ALLERGENS are identified in bold type

Keep refrigerated between 2°C and 5°C. Do not freeze.

Once pack is opened keep refrigerated and consume within the use by. Partially peel balways store oysters cup side down in the tray covered by the film to retain moisture and freshness.

Serving Notes:
To eat “au naturel” add lemon juice, vinegar seasoning or Tabasco sauce. Chew two or three times before swallowing or not if you prefer – each to their own.

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